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Business Outside the Box

Are You Ready to FINALLY Get Your Business Together?

An eight-week hands-on virtual workshop that will result in you having your ‘outside the box’ business complete with business strategy, pricing / ‘packaging’, marketing messaging, signature product draft, basic website copy and expert platform plan. It’s as close as you can get to me doing it for you!


 YOUR Business Outside the Box – Delivered!

There are people who need what you have to offer right now. They’re looking for you but they can’t find you. Why can’t they find you? Your business isn’t ready yet!

How long have you wanted to get your business ‘done’?

How often have you thought it would be nice to get your marketing in motion?

How many times have you started but felt like you didn’t know what you were doing?

If it’s time to just get it done, the Business Outside the Box – Delivered! Virtual Workshop can help you.

Is This For You?

If you have a gift or talent that you want to share with others, but don’t know how to put it together as a business, this workshop could be for you.

If you have been helping people with your gift but it’s been inconsistent because people don’t quite know how to refer or find you because you don’t know how to say what you do, have a website or know what to do first, this workshop could be for you.

If you’ve been helping people professionally (getting paid for it) but you are still having to choose between a job to pay the bills and doing what you love for people because you don’t have enough clients, this workshop could be for you.

To be honest, this workshop was born out of my work with thousands of motivated, passionate, creative and inspired people like you who have REAL talent AND who have the power to do miraculous things that can help a lot of people – maybe even save the planet – but remain the best-kept secret ever because they don’t know how to market themselves or get their businesses together!

Even if they DO know how to talk about what they do, they often get intimidated with the idea of writing out marketing copy, creating a website or developing a strategic plan to get known as an industry expert. And because that just cannot be anymore, I’m going to do it with you!!!

If all it takes is a little hands-on support from someone experienced to help you get your gifts out in the world where they can help a lot more people, then let’s make it happen – NOW!

This is the Business Outside the Box – Delivered! Workshop because it’s exactly that… we will take your business (that’s probably ‘outside the box’ because it’s personal to your unique talents) and put together the essential marketing pieces that you need to get out there and be seen. (Remember – you have to be seen to sell!)

Up Close And Personal

The way we will work together is going to be up close and personal – this is as close to me doing it for you as you can get!

Over the course of 8 weeks, you will participate in weekly group classes (all recorded – don’t worry!) where you will learn what you need to know to go and grow.

And you will have weekly ‘homework’ – essentially, you will be creating the pieces of your marketing, signature product, website copy and expert platform as we go. Out of a group of just 12 like-spirited entrepreneurs ‘in the making’, you’ll have ‘study buddies’ to help you review your work and be a good test audience for you.

And then I will be reviewing everything you do personally to give you comments and ideas, so that you have everything you need to get your business together and ready for attracting new clients!

At the end of just 8 weeks, you will have your…

Business Outside the Box – Delivered!



How It Works

There are two prerequisites to taking this workshop.

One is that you listen to the How To Turn Your Life Purpose Into a Business Audio Series to give you some business basics and get you familiar with the terms that we’ll be using throughout the workshop. (And that saves us time, energy and resources.)

The second prerequisite is that you purchase The Big Book of Marketing, Business and Personal Development Accelerators. This one e-book has many of the formulas and concepts you’ll need to reference in marketing and building your business. (You don’t need to read it page by page, but you DO have to have it on stand-by, because we’re going to be using it.)

Throughout the eight weeks that we are working together, you will be participating in weekly classes (with time for personal Q & A). You will also have rotating ‘study buddies’ each week to share your work and get initial comments from another set of eyes and to help keep you accountable.

And you will have a personal 1:1 30-minute session with me each month to integrate your insights and handle any questions that need personalized attention (for a total of two throughout the workshop). I’m also going to leave open the possibility for laser mentoring calls if that seems appropriate as we go… we’ll see if we need it for the group.

(In case you’d like me to actually edit or even write your copy, I’ll have that available as a separate option as well – we’ll explore that during our initial phone conversation if you’d like…) ;+)

What You Will Learn

Here’s a topical overview of what we’ll be covering together in the workshop. As you can see, by the time we’re complete, you will have a really good handle on what’s happening in your business, from marketing to strategy to visibility.

Your Business Outside the Box – White Boarded!

(The moving pieces of your business…)

Week One – Messaging: How to Talk About What You Do
  • How to identify and evaluate your niche market
  • Essential marketing formulas: audio logo, word bridging techniques and  the five stages of enrollment
  • Your marketing context: key benefits, seven main motivators of your potential clients and your seven-step marketing story

Result: You will know how to talk about what you do with vibrant language in a way that inspires dialogue with your potential clients.

Week Two – Your Profit Path
  • Your options for generating traffic and creating a strategic marketing plan
  • Your product development priorities: taste test products, products / services mix and pricing, upsell offers
  • Packaging basics: what and how much to charge

Result: You will have your strategic business vision in hand as a blueprint of product development priorities, client progression through your services and key marketing strategies.

Week Three – Claiming Your Value
  • Explore the value you have to offer (and what blocks you from claiming it)
  • Discover the real value of your time
  • How to create valuable deliverables with a corresponding pricing structure

Result: You will understand the value of what you have to offer, package it into client ‘deliverables’ and assign a fee / pricing structure to it.

Week Four – Signature Product
  • The overview of how to develop your signature system or product
  • How to streamline what you do
  • The pivot point of your work made into a product

Result: You will understand how to package your magic into a signature product, program or service so that you streamline what you deliver and/or do it once and get paid over and over again.

Week Five – Website Planning
  • Learn different types of websites and top website mistakes you can avoid
  • Understand the crucial elements of a branding website you’ll need
  • Develop the architecture (wire frame) for your website

Result: You will have an idea of what should go on your website, how to organize it and some basic layout ideas. (Note: I will have recommended web designers on stand-by so that you can hire them separately if you would like.)

Week Six – Website / Promotional Copy
  • Explore marketing an intangible product (services / digital info products)
  • Learn components of the ‘irresestible offer’ and five points you need to include in your offer
  • Copywriting: elements of your back story, nine headline structures that work, five questions to double-check your work, the four voices of copywriting

Result: You will have basic marketing copy written for your website and/or other promotional opportunities.

Week Seven – Your Expert Platform Plan
  • Understand the definition and elements of an expert platform (and the top 16 indicators that you have a strong platform)
  • Create your expert platform plan
  • How to effectively outsource your expert platform

Result: You will know what elements of your expert platform plan you want to put in place and work toward over the next 6 – 12 months.

Week Eight – Key Actions Plan
  • Your technical how-to questions answered: host a teleseminar, do radio interviews, create videos, grow your mailing list, use article / video marketing, etc.
  • Resources that you can use to develop your marketing campaigns and platform
  • BONUS: a preferred resources and vendor list from my personal files

Result: You will know how to organize all the moving parts into something you can easily manage and share with your team (if you have one).

This is going to get you in motion and give you hands-on support to create the pieces you need to get your business to its’ next best level like never before…!

FYI – because of the high-level of support that I will be giving participants, this virtual workshop is limited to just 12 people.

What to Expect

As you get into motion, all kinds of ‘stuff’ is going to come up to keep you where you’ve been, in that comfort zone in the corner. You are going to feel like you don’t have enough time to get everything done. It’s going to feel like you can’t do some of this, and, in some cases, you’ll feel like you should have had more coffee before registering for this workshop. I want you to know right now – that’s normal.

If you could have done this on your own, you would have by now, right? But every week that slips by means that people aren’t getting to work with you, your industry isn’t hearing about you, and your dreams get pushed back yet another week. (Remember, just eight of those is already two months – and we can get your business rockin’ by then!) ;+)

You do need to make the commitment to getting the work done, even if it’s not perfect. That’s the point… it doesn’t have to be good, just good enough to get your business moving!

You should probably know something about me… I could make this all happen for you faster than eight weeks. You could have your website written and up within the space of just one week, for example. But what I’ve found is that most people just can’t keep up with that rate of speed, so the eight weeks is what feels assertive in getting it done but still do-able.

My intention is to help you get out of your own way, break the inertia, give you the best practical guidance I have to give and get you out in front of the people who are looking for your solution right now.

What To Do Now

The Business Outside the Box – Delivered! Workshop begins on September 12, 2012 for 12 people. I’m going to ask that you fill out an application to get things rolling because I want to make sure that I am the best mentor for you in growing your business.

  • 8 Teleclasses with Q & A
  • 8 Recordings of Teleclasses
  • 8 Study Buddy Sessions
  • 2 30-Minute 1:1 Mentoring Sessions (and recordings)
  • Review of Weekly Homework

In terms of tuition, the entire 8-week hands-on workshop has both a Full Pay option and an option for me to finance your participation over time.

The Full Pay fee (most economical option) is $1,697.
The Finance option has a non-refundable deposit of $750 and two payments of $500 (spread 30 days apart).

If you feel that this program is something that can help you create your Business Outside the Box – Delivered!, and you feel you’re ready to do it, given both the group environment of the program and the level of personal attention, I will be reviewing applications for consideration in the program.

You’ll need to complete the application as soon as possible and email that to me; I will check in with you by phone or email as soon as I receive it.

Remember – the program starts soon so we’ll be moving quickly. You need to be ready to go once we agree that this is a good fit.

Click for Application

* please click here for the Earnings Disclaimer.

One Last Thought

This program can literally change the course of your life because you will have what you need to change the world and get paid for it. It positions you to serve others, live your dreams and take action sooner than later; as a result, this program requires your commitment to doing the work.

This is a very high-activities program that, with your investment of time, energy and resources, can actually pay you back quickly.

If you’ve been putting off getting your business going because you didn’t know how or what to do, or felt like you needed support but didn’t know how or from whom to get it, this is a good workshop for you.

And, honestly, you’re leveraging group buying power for highly personalized support, which keeps the costs down and the return on your investment high.

Frankly, supporting you in getting your message and your way to change the world going through your business in a real-world, practical, tangible way allows me to live my purpose.

By supporting you, you can touch a lot more lives than I can on my own… and I’m all about helping us all get to our next best levels.Thank you in advance for that. ;=)

If you’re waiting on something, whatever that is, to get your business going, please take action… the world is waiting for you. :+)

Click for Application

 To Your Business Outside The Box – Delivered! ~

Lynn Scheurell
Acceleration Catalyst

In the words of my clients:

“Business Outside The Box – Delivered! is the most amazing program about entrepreneurial business building I’ve ever attended. Not only is this program filled with a lot of concrete business building material, Lynn delivers it in a way that makes it fun and easy to implement. Her intuitive, empathic skills enable her to go deep with each of her participants and help them get a clear picture of how their business dreams look like in a practical way.

For me, this program has been a turning point. I’ve been struggling for several years to nail what it is I really want to build my business around and through some of the earlier sessions in this class and the support Lynn offers in between classes, I’m now finally able to connect all the strings of my experiences and my Being into my new brand The Purpose Phenomenon.

With this clarity, I feel an inner strength and a power to move forward and build all the business stuff around this brand. It’s amazing to finally feel on track with yourself!!!!

This is a turning point I’ve never reached in any of the many other business building programs I’ve attended over the years – and it’s all come together with the deeply tuned-in wisdom that Lynn possesses and brings to her clients in this program.”

~Gitte Hegelund, Denmark,


“Business DELIVERED Outside the Box– you’ve got that right! Not only did I receive direction from an expert who truly understands what it means to seamlessly earn a living by promoting your gifts and offering true value creations, but Lynn guides you in creating communication that rocks with authenticity and marketing mojo without diluting the power of personal integrity or the core message. The process helped me to uncover the hidden awareness of my enterprising spirit and generated greater clarity: locking in the real message of what sets me apart from the rest, all the while setting up the necessary ingredients for me to design what I call “heart-centered marketing” materials, so my audience can understand my message, and I can deliver my business in a step-by-step promotional plan to attract ideal clients and birth a leap in success. Oh – and I had fun too! This is Business Delivered Turbo-Drive… all the way to the bank!”
~ Janice Mark,


If you have questions about the programs and services that I offer to support you in
bridging the transformation of honoring your gifts AND make a living,

please call 1-760-534-4770.

Here’s To Your Accelerated Success in Every Way!